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ChoiceOne is a sexual health resource center for women. We offer hope, truth, support & resources for pregnant women or struggling mothers, many who are raising their children alone. Meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the whole person, with integrity and unconditional love.
What We Do To Meet The Critical Needs of Women and Their Children

Pregnancy Counseling

ChoiceOne offers support counseling for the young woman facing a planned or unplanned pregnancy. ChoiceOne enables a young woman to be empowered to make positive decisions regarding her pregnancy all while showing Christ's love in a warm and loving environment. 

Parenting Classes


ChoiceOne's Parenting Classes are designed to help young parents navigate the challenges of parenting from pregnancy to early childhood. These 5-week programs focus on the special needs young and/or single parents with socio-economic difficulty have and offers critical support and practical tips from a Christian perspective. 

A baby shower is celebrated at the completion of ChoiceOne's prenatal class for first-time mothers and wish list items are gifted to every participant that completes the Baby Care and Early Years classes. 

Pregnancy Testing, STI/STD Screening & Treatment, and Ultrasound Services*


Our medical partners and volunteer medical team make it possible to offer free and confidential pregnancy testing, STI screening/treatment, and limited ultrasound services to women in their first trimester.

*Ultrasound services are limited to women between 9-16 weeks for pregnancy verification only.



ChoiceOne offers peer-counseling* in the areas of individual, couples, and family counseling for pregnant teens and/or mothers that are struggling with post-partum depression, anxiety disorders, and other behavioral health issues related to sexual health or pregnancy. We believe that meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of a young mother ensures family unity and wellness.

ChoiceOne also offers a one-to-one mentorship program for pregnant teens and a Father's program for the young man facing his own fears regarding an unplanned pregnancy.


*All peer counselors are trained by professional counselors to offer mentorship, parenting classes, and counseling. 

Material Assistance


ChoiceOne meets the needs of struggling mothers by offering free diapers, formula, wipes, and hygiene products while supplies last. All baby supplies are donated generously by local churches and charity organizations. 

Let's Talk About "IT"

School-Based Programs


ChoiceOne offers fun, innovative, and interactive educational programs to local junior high and high school students that encourage delaying sexual activity to avoid unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. Schools have the opportunity to choose from any of ChoiceOne's Let's Talk offerings, including: Let's Talk About "Sex", Let's Talk about "College", Let's Talk about "Life", etc.


For more information on how to schedule a school presentation, please contact the Main Office at 215-269-6912. 

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