A Testimony To Unconditional Love

- Kira in Levittown

I couldn't believe I was pregnant and I was so scared. The women at ChoiceOne helped me take a breath and gave me the courage to do what I truly wanted... isn't he beautiful!

We’re more than a social service agency: We were created to love and an expression of that love means to offer practical care for those in need!


ChoiceOne is a not for profit 501c3 organization that is rooted in faith that God loves unconditionally and completely and His love requires us to CARE. At ChoiceOne our sole desire is to share the redeeming unconditional love that Jesus taught us to share with all people.  Our entire staff, both professional and volunteer, is committed to being obedient to the command to share love and truth, without bias. We have chosen the area of unplanned pregnancy and sexual health issues as a vehicle to open the door for intimate relationships to develop so that the hope for today and for all eternity can be proclaimed.

Ministry & Vision Statement
Our Mission: to act as a positive change agent in the areas of human sexuality, family unity, and pregnancy; to provide women and girls along with their partners, practical assistance and positive alternatives to abortion; as well as to provide STD screening, STD support counseling, abstinence training/school-church programs, bereavement counseling, parenting classes, relationship counseling, family counseling, father’s program, GED, employment training, medical assistance, and referrals for housing and adoption.

Our Vision: is to be the first choice for women who are not only facing unplanned pregnancies but also those who are vulnerable to the consequences of sexual experimentation (physical, emotional and spiritual) in the Mercer, Burlington, Northeast Philadelphia, and Bucks County areas.

 Join the fight
for life...

For Today & All Eternity