From the Desk of… Natalia Parker 

Hello Family and Friends, 


I wanted to share with you some exciting news and the journey God has set before me in hopes that you would consider being a part of a team that I could count on for support as I take on this role. Below I will be asking you if you would consider being a part of my inner circle of support, but first let me tell you a little more.

God has, without a question, revealed to my heart that I should join the team of home-based missionaries at ChoiceOne  Pregnancy + Sexual Health Resource Center(s).  ChoiceOne is a non-profit organization that protects women and defends life by supporting teenagers and young women with their pregnancy journey, relational problems, and vulnerability to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. They offer free and confidential services to over 13,000 teens and young adults every year.


During my time at ChoiceOne, I will be completing the last year of my Counseling Degree at Cairn University. My role will be to lead a program called Let’s Talk About “It”.  I will be a part of a team that will train good decision-making skills to teens at area high schools through the exploration of the physical, emotional, and long term effects of sex, boundaries, and the #METOO movement. The program is innovative and intuitively interactive - which I believe leads to real material absorption and behavior change. 


Another aspect of my role will be to counsel one-on-one with women struggling with sexual health issues that affect their emotional, relational, and spiritual wellbeing. It has always been my passion to equip, empower and love those that feel less than, unworthy or unwanted because I have struggled the same way. In those moments the Lord has shown me His love through His people, and His word and I hope to guide others to the same source of comfort.


As I begin my journey, the first thing I am asking is if you will support me in prayer. I will be caring for the broken and challenging a generation to think beyond instant gratification.  Most teens struggle from painful family dynamics and single moms view pursuing a pregnancy as more of a burden than a gift. ChoiceOne brings unconditional love and practical support to women who have been neglected. By offering counsel and practical assistance, my desire for them is to know they are loved, and that there is a God that cares deeply for them amidst their pain. This is a battlefield I will be entering and I will be needing an army to pray. I love that ChoiceOne envisions me as a missionary out in the field within our community because it is how I feel - totally dependent upon God’s wisdom and provision. With the role of being a local missionary, I need to trust the Lord for financial provision and ask others to join me on this journey.  


I ask that if you align with my desire to love these women, that you would consider supporting me financially. ChoiceOne is also a non-profit organization which means all the services we provide are free. To make this possible, we fundraise and need people like you who believe in protecting women and defending life to financially partner with us. If you believe in the work God will be doing through me to touch these lives, I ask that you would consider supporting me. All support will directly support my cause and efforts at ChoiceOne.


Please know that I choose you to pray and give because I trust you as you have enriched my life.  I thank you so much for being a part of my life and for your consideration and taking the time to read about the work I will be doing! I am forever grateful for the opportunities that God has given me to work at ChoiceOne, among women, to touch sensitive and vulnerable topics that can be difficult to navigate. My desire for them is to recognize a lasting hope for their lives amidst the pain they are currently enduring.


Many Blessings,

Natalia Parker