Our Free & Confidential Services are designed with YOU in mind. ChoiceOne has been serving women, just like you, for over 35 years!  We work tirelessly to make sure our Medical and Counseling Teams are ready to meet your needs when you arrive. 

There is a NEW FRIEND waiting for you at ChoiceOne, to answer your questions,
provide resources, and walk with you through all the ups and downs.


Medical Services

Through the generous partnerships with Wrightstown Family Medicine, St. Mary Medical Center, and our professional medical volunteers, ChoiceOne offers the listed critical medical services without charge...

Pregnancy Testing - Blood Test


Sexually Transmitted Infection - Blood Test
     Testing & Treatment


3D Ultrasound Pregnancy Verification,
     Heartbeat Identification & Fetal Viewing

Referrals for:


     Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screening

     New Family Practitioner 

Educational Services

Learn... Laugh - Our innovative and fun workshops help you prepare for your new life!

Birth and Baby Preparation Classes

Parenting Classes

Let's Talk About "IT" - Sexual Health Education

Counseling Services

ChoiceOne's caring counseling team is a blend of professional counselors and trained volunteer peer counselors who specialize in pregnancy related concerns.  All of our counseling services are free and confidential for the women and their partners who need support regarding their private pregnancy and sexual health decision making.

Pregnancy Related Options Counseling


Relationship Couples Counseling

Family Counseling for Teens and Parents
    Regarding Pregnancy Related Issues

Post Abortion Recovery Counseling

     Both Group and Individual

Support Counseling for STI Positive Results

Referral to the HOPE Coalition Counseling Group

(Holistic Outreach for Physical & Emotional-Health)

HOPE is an innovative think-tank and

network of physicians, mental health professionals, and community services that meet the needs of individuals and families at-risk and/or struggling with overwhelming life circumstances.