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We are so glad you stopped by; please explore our website & get to know us.
ChoiceOne(CO) is a safe place where women struggling with the decisions of life find Hope and Unconditional Love!
We believe that actions speak louder than words, and with our actions, we say, "We Care!"

a place to go...
when choice doesn't feel like a choice

ChoiceOne Client

...if you are a woman in need, you can schedule an appt. by clicking below

 Free & Confidential Services

Life Issues Counseling & Peer Mentorship

Sexual Health & Pregnancy Screenings
Good Decision-Making Skills Training 
Parenting Skills Training
(relationship, depression, anxiety, postpartum, abortion recovery, etc.)
(tha include but are not limited to...)

Mental Health Wellness

(pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted infection, ultrasound etc.)

Material Resources

All of the services offered by ChoiceOne (CO) are designed by women for women, thus creating services that are uniquely intuitive and exceptionally helpful. Licensed professional counselors oversee all counseling services, and our medical services are all performed by licensed medical professionals. CO does not provide abortion services.

Spanish mentors and counselors are available at all locations.

*ChoiceOne offers expanded specialized counseling services under the banner of CO2. CO2 services are provided through a sliding scale that starts at $0.  To learn more about CO2, go to

(diapers, baby clothing, formula, etc.)

... and so much more!

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