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Who We Are...

We are all just like you, called by Jesus to love unconditionally. We are commanded to share the good news of His Gospel of eternal life. 
We choose ChoiceOne to answer His call because we believe that sometimes a woman needs a place just for her where she feels safe and love flows unconditionally. So many women feel pressure and fear as they face hard life circumstances.  We want to act like Jesus with the Woman at the Well.

We wait for her... We love her unconditionally... We tell her the truth...

We offer Living Water

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Young Businesswoman

Let's Talk Presenter

Commitment - One full school year
Make your own hours!
Possible per diem pay.

This is our most exciting opportunity!

You will be a part of a "Think Tank" that will develop the life-saving messaging that will help teens and young adults avoid the consequences of premature and dangerous sexual experimentation. 
You will get to go into the classroom and train good decision-making skills while spreading a message of hope found in knowledge.

You will be on the FRONTLINES!



Commitment: 3 hrs per week

In this role, you will be given the opportunity to mentor a woman as she faces the challenges of unintended pregnancy, motherhood, fragmented relationships, and limited resources.

You will be trained and equipped to help each young woman

identify her issues and navigate through her circumstances with all the services at ChoiceOne.  

Your friendship and guidance will be her LIFE line!


Confident Woman
Confident Smile


Commitment: 3 hrs per week

In this role, you will be the very first person SHE meets at ChoiceOne. 

You will be trained and equipped to help each young woman

identify her issues and assess her circumstances so that you can help her navigate and take advantage of all of what CO has to offer.  You will be a part of the team that helps meet her resource needs through baby showers and working within our "Baby Closet Ministry"

You will be her confidant and her encouragement!


Parenting Coach

Commitment: 3 hrs per week

In this role,  you will be specifically trained in ChoiceOne's parenting program. You will be equipped to help young women prepare for their baby coming home or walk a single mom through the terrible twos. This position involves creativity and a willingness to maintain up-to-date information on safety issues and community resources.

You'll be her coach and her friend!


Office Help

Commitment: 3 hrs per week

Come be a part of the team at ChoiceOne by working closely with the ministry's staff.  There are so many ways we can use your organizational skills, accounting expertise, and office experience.  Everything you need to know - we'll train you!

Behind the Scene Warrior for Love!


CO2 Counselor

Must be a professional counselor and carry malpractice insurance, hold a MA, MSW, current license, or be actively participating in a professional internship

Being a part of CO2 requires professional certifications. 
CO2 is a ministry to churched and unchurched women who are in need of mental health support and care. You'll have the freedom to share God's peace and truth. Partners act as 1099 contractors and agree to work within the financial structure established by ChoiceOne

Bridging the gap of mental health services for women!


Young Doctor

NURSE or Phlebotomist

Must be a medical professional with a valid license and carry malpractice insurance

At ChoiceOne you'll be able to use your training to share the good news of Jesus's gift of eternal life!
What a privilege it is to be in the ultrasound room, or holding a mother's hand when you tell her she is pregnant, or catching the tears of a hopeless teenager when they find out they contracted an STI.

Ultrasound & STI screening training is preferred.  However, CO has partnerships for professional training.  Please inquire about the details.



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