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ChoiceOne's Expanded Counseling Program For ALL Women
We believe that finances should never be an obstacle to wellness!

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Anxiety * Depression * Body/Self Image * Restoration *  Self Harm *  Mood Disorders *
Personality Disorders * Individual & Couples Counseling

Expanded Counseling services are fee-based with a generous sliding fee scale to make it affordable for all!

What you should know:

  • The newly expanded counseling program was designed with You in mind.  So many times we can lose our footing.  Whether you've been struggling for a while or your heart and mind are in pain because of a recent situation, you have a friend at ChoiceOne ready and waiting to help! 

  • CO2 is Biblical-based counseling with the goal of healing, restoration, and peace.

  • We've put together the most caring and intuitive interning, master's level, and professional counselors in our area to partner with CO for this initiation to meet the needs of unserved women! 

  • We have established a free and affordable fee structure that is designed to make counseling services available for everyone.

  • We believe that finances should never be an obstacle to wellness!

  • ChoiceOne's expanded counseling program is designed to help women cope, heal, and move forward knowing they were created for love and to thrive.


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